IBD Passport

Evidence-based travel advice for individuals with Crohn’s disease
or ulcerative colitis.

IBD Passport is an award winning website that aims to provide comprehensive, practical and reliable information on all aspects of travelling with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). IBD Passport is the first website to combine this information into one resource to make planning your trip easy. IBD Passport is a UK registered non-profit charity (Registered number: 1171268) with a global reach aimed to support IBD travellers of all nations and regions in the world.

IBD Network

Interactive world map with country-specific travel advice and a global directory IBD centres to enable easy referral.

Includes Vaccination & Healthcare arrangements for each country!

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Practical Information for Travelling with IBD

Advice including vaccinations, medication, managing diarrhoea and travel insurance can be found here.

Find out about travelling abroad with IBD medication.

Learn more about healthcare abroad..

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Benefits for Patients

If you suffer from IBD and plan to travel, IBD Passport will be able to help.

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Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

Benefits for Healthcare professionals.
Evidence-based information for you and your patients.
Easy search and refer option for IBD centres globally.

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