IBD Clinics Network

This section contains interactive map of all countries of the world and has information to help you in the event that you need medical care in your destination country. Search by country, region or by clicking on the interactive map.

Each country includes list of IBD centres with contact details, vaccination advice and how to access the healthcare system, specific for each country. The procedures and costs of receiving care at a specific centre need to be inquired directly. As a charity, IBD-passport does not intervene in the centres' local policies and does not receive any money from centres or travellers for helping to make connection between IBD patients and IBD centres abroad.

You will need to be a registered user of IBD-Passport in order to view the information for each country - registration is free and takes less than one minute

We are a growing charity and rely on IBD centres registering with our website. Our network is growing each day, therefore some counties may not yet have a IBD centre listed. If this is the case, please feel free to e-mail us in the contact-us section and we will help as much as possible.

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Includes Vaccination & Healthcare arrangements for each country!

The following IBD Physicians are located in this area:

*The IBD-Passport network lists centres and doctors who are able to provide care for international IBD-travellers. However, IBD-Passport cannot attest to the competency of a centre and/or a physician or guarantee provision of all listed services. Appearance on the list does not imply a specific centre and/or doctor is in any way more proficient than other centres or doctors outside this list