Register with IBD Passport

In order for your centre to be included in the global IBD-Passport network of IBD centres for travellers, we require you to be a registered user. You can also register for personal use and your details will not be included on the IBD centre network but we advise one person from your department to complete the full registration.

If you are registering your centre please prepare at least one photo of your centre, as upload of photo/s is recommended to complete the registration process.

If you are a healthcare professional please register here

Benefits for IBD Patients:

  • View practical, evidence-based information on travelling with IBD, put together by IBD Nurse Specialists
  • Free to register
  • Reputable information under one roof. No need to visit lots of different sites
  • Find details of IBD centres near your travel destination.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals:

  • One-stop evidence-based IBD and travel information for you and your patients
  • Interactive map of global IBD centres for easy patient referral
  • Become listed on the IBD network as an ‘IBD Passport approved’ centre
  • Comprehensive global IBD centre network and contact details